Tips for Following Up with New Connections after a Conference

Networking at conferences can be exhilarating—you meet new people, exchange ideas, and potentially forge valuable connections. But as the dust settles after the event, the real challenge begins: following up with those contacts and nurturing those relationships. So, how do you ensure that your newfound connections don’t fade into oblivion? Let’s explore some creative follow-up strategies that can make all the difference.

In today’s digital age, digital business cards have become ubiquitous, offering convenience with automatic phone contacts integration. However, relying solely on digital tools can lead to contacts getting lost in the shuffle. Some still prefer the tangible nature of physical business cards, finding them ideal for jotting down notes about who they met and what was discussed, aiding memory recall later on.

While email remains a tried-and-true follow-up method, there’s room for innovation. One individual shared a memorable experience of receiving a personalized video text from a new contact, expressing gratitude for the encounter and referencing specific topics discussed. This thoughtful gesture not only demonstrated attentiveness but also served as a pleasant reminder of the interaction.

Social media emerges as another powerful follow-up tool. Immediately connecting with new contacts on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter not only ensures their updates appear prominently in your feed but also facilitates ongoing engagement and relationship-building. By engaging with their content, you can demonstrate genuine interest and lay the foundation for future collaboration.